About Us

Hello everyone! We are Csharpens.com. Our Team is a company that write articles & tutorials about C# Programming Language. Our team consists of 6 friends. We all love Pizzas very much & and are crazy for coding. 1/3 of the day is creative activity. If you’re a creative C Sharp developer too, join us in this cyber world today. Our goal is to produce great work with positive energy. Let’s enjoy creating together.

You know we are very similar to Google, Yahoo & Bing. Except that they generate billions in profits every year, while our profits can barely buy some pizzas. They have hundreds of millions of users around the world, we have eight: our parents, a few friends, and one very dedicated fan in India who either loves the site or is trying to hack. But in the critical dimensions, like whether we wear geeky t-shirts or whether we all have same First Name, we’re exactly the same. Google, Yahoo, and Csharpens: corporate triplets, that’s what we are ;). To tell the truth, we are starting to receive worldwide attention and we want more!

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