Learn C# Online

If you are trying to learn Professional C# Programming then your search ends here. I am here to teach you C# .NET language from the ground up. I’ll have you writing real working applications in no time flat-before you reach the end of this course.

This course is designed for individuals who want to improve their understanding of C# from Basic level to Professional level. In this course we will focus on using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment and the Microsoft .NET platform to create sample C# Desktop applications.

C# Course

This C# course will include following topics as well as new features in upcoming C# versions & or any specific topic asked by the Student.

  1. Introduction to the C# Language
    • The evolution of C#
    • Comparing different versions of C#
    • C# and the .NET infrastructure
    • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)
  2. Language Fundamentals
    • Data types and control constructs
    • Declaring implicit and explicit variables
    • Value and reference types
  3. Defining and calling methods
    • The Main method specification
    • Passing arguments and returning values
    • The scope and lifetime of variables
    • Named and symbolic methods
  4. Handling exceptions
    • Intro
    • Example
  5. Developing C# Classes
    • Defining classes
    • Encapsulating attributes with methods and properties
    • Providing consistent initialization using constructors
    • Overloading methods and constructors
    • Achieving reuse through inheritance and polymorphism
    • Creating and using objects
    • Passing initial values to constructors
    • Invoking methods and accessing properties
  6. Exposing interfaces
    • Defining an interface specification
    • Interface polymorphism
  7. Coding industry-standard design patterns in C#
    • Intro to Design Patterns
    • Gang of Four Design Pattern
  8. Working with relational databases
    • MS SQL Server intro
    • Local vs Global SQL Server DB Integration
    • Developing Apps with SQL Server
  9. General
    • Performing I/O Operations in C#
    • Serialization in C#
    • LINQ in C#
    • Generics & Collections in C#
    • Extension Methods
    • XML in C#
    • Delegates & Events in C#
  10. At the End
    • We will collaboratively develop a project using what we learned in C# Language Course.

About Instructor

I am Sajjad Gul, professional Software Engineer with 3 years of experience. Fluent in C#, .NET, ASP.net, SQL, Java, Android, HTML & CSS. Currently I am living in Karachi, Pakistan. I have been teaching different languages to fellow Programmers, Juniors, Colleagues & at a coaching academy. I teach to online students through Skype, Teamviewer & Google Hangouts. Questions can also be asked on our Facebook C# Group. Assignments & Course materials will be shared via Dropbox & emails. Free Demo Class can be Provided on Google Hangout.

Affordable Fee Structure

If you are from Pakistan, Fee will be 30,000 PKR for Complete 3 Months course. You can also pay this on monthly basis. If you are from any other country, Fee will be 300$ – 400$ for complete 3 months course depending upon your timing. This Fee is also negotiable depending upon your learning skills.

One thing that I want to say is that I believe in Quality of Code. I’ll try to teach the professional standard of code that is being used in industry. I hope you will get the maximum output from the fees you will be paying.

Arrange C# Course & Timing

You can reach me via any of following options.
Email : [email protected] – Please use ‘Contact for C# Class’ as email subject.
Phone : +923320307817 – Please contact during 9AM – 11PM PST.
Facebook : Send a message on My Facebook Profile
You can also use C Sharpens Contact Page to send me a message.