Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

Undergraduate Students have to take Final Year Projects (usually called FYP) to complete their graduation. Most universities requires innovative and unique ideas for these projects. FYP is the major project experience for students during their degree program. It allows students to specialize in a field that they enjoy & employers will most likely ask about final year project during students job interview. The main reason of FYP for students is to show the skills they learned during their time in university. At the end of FYP, you’ll develop a variety of important skills in addition to technical skills: planning, surveying literature, finding information, time management, presentation, evaluation skills, etc. FYP is planned over a time of 8 months so students face problems to come up with unique project ideas for this long period of time. I myself had problems considering project for my final year. Keeping that in my mind, I will try to share details of many projects here that I came across.

FYP ‪Idea 1 – App for Children’s Speech Abilities

Children who are born with serious ‪hearing‬ ‪disorders‬ don’t develop speech abilities, even though their speech related ‪physiological‬ aspects are healthy. As a result they face a big ‪challenge‬ in the long run as far as their ‪communication‬ ‪skills‬ are concerned. Many opportunities available for ordinary members of ‪society‬ become out of reach for them. When such children are given hearing aids they face a very interesting problem. Since they had not heard and processed speech so they don’t know how to ‪speak‬. They need specialized training to ‪learn‬ to speak. It is a very frustrating process; each word has be repeated thousands of time. This training is imparted by trained speech therapists. The ‪job‬ of a speech therapist is very challenging and as such there is a high rate of turnover in this field. Moreover in ‪Pakistan‬ the number of properly trained speech therapists is far less than what is needed. As a result a large number of ‪children‬ are unable to receive the professional training that they need to be able to speak properly. With the decline in cost of computing hardware it is now possible for the less fortunate ones to afford basic hardware, the ‪problem‬ is software. Almost all of speech ‪therapy‬ related software is proprietary and quite expensive, especially for those living in underdeveloped countries. Moreover language is also a problem. Majority of the proprietary speech therapy software is meant to teach English, which is not our mother tongue. So I decided to develop one in Urdu. I submitted this Idea to Coca Scholarship Program for Pakistan, I request you to vote for my team here. It will only take 2 minutes. Vote Now for My Idea.

FYP ‪Idea 2 – Guide for Tourists

Whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. We should have a mobile app that doesn’t require a physical guide. The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide. The application will offers below services, 1. Retrieves the user’s current geological coordinates. 2. Converts the Latitude/longitude to street address. 3. Does video search for that place and displays those to user. 4. User watches the video of his choice. Mobile Application has, Location finder, Video Search, Video player, Provide other assistance, Settings.

FYP ‪Idea 3 – Taxi Transportation

his application will facilitate the passenger with nearest all possible available taxi transportations. This mobile application will work on both side to acknowledge the passenger and the taxi driver their availability. At passenger side, passenger will enter his/her source and destination information and application will find out the all possible nearest available taxi transportations. As any of available taxi drivers will agree to pick the passenger on first come first serve basis, application will acknowledge back to the passenger the identification and estimated time of the taxi transportation to catch him/her.

FYP Idea 4 – Mobile for Blind People

Due to the advancement of technology, mobile-phones/smartphones has gained popularity by the addition of many useful and interesting functions in the phone operating system to help users do things more conveniently and to provide more entertainment for them. However, the interface of the mobile phone, at the same time, has also become more and more complex. Thus it becomes more difficult for the blinds and amblyopic people to enjoy the new functions. To us, the blinds and amblyopic people should also have the right to enjoy those modern and interesting functions. Helping them to use the new functions instead of merely using the phone dialing function, we aim at developing a user-friendly interface for them. It will give them the clearest and easiest way to use an up-to-date mobile phone.

FYP Idea 5 – Library Management System

The current Library Management System does not eliminate the process of searching books within the library campus. Students have to find books manually. They have to wait until they are not provided with their library card and token. For receiving book they have to show their library card and wait in line for their turns. The admin personnel also have to look manually on which day which person will take the charge within library to manage the overall work. This Library Management System will have login page from where its user can access. This page will provide login for admin, working staff members and the students. Staff members accounts will be manage by the admin. To access the library resources students have to register by using their registration number, email address, phone number, class roll number and password. After successful registration they will be provided the login facility. Students can search books by using book ISBN number or by author name or by title of book along with author name. After completion of this process students will be provided with book details such as where it is located by using location number and by their row and column number.